The Safety Department, Inc.
OSHA-Proof Your Business

OSHA-Proof™ Your Business

We can help “OSHA-Proof” your business! We’re experts in outsourcing workplace safety.

Constantly changing legislation in Occupational Safety means that most companies struggle to keep current with their legal obligations:

  • Where do you turn for help with regulatory requirements?
  • How do you provide training for your employees to carry out their tasks safely and efficiently?
  • How do you ensure that employees are adequately informed of their rights and responsibilities?

How we can help you:

Safety TrainingHazard Assessments

§5(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act requires that every employee “must be provided with a safe workplace.” A significant first step in meeting that requirement is conducting a hazard assessment of all risks in the workplace. We have a staff of highly qualified safety professionals to perform this assessment on your behalf.

jobsite inspection“OSHA-Style” Inspections

Arguably, the most dreaded words in the business world are, “OSHA is here!” Our inspectors examine your facilities with “Eyes Like OSHA”™ to ferret out your compliance problems BEFORE OSHA comes knocking on your door. Safety audits are a valuable management tool. Regular and systematic inspections will reveal exactly how your company measures up.

Safety TrainingSafety Training

The obligation to train employees begins the day you hire them. We can deliver individually tailored training classes to address your specific needs, on your premises or at a suitable local venue.

Safety Committee Training Safety Committee Training
In 1996, Pennsylvania passed Act 57 that provides financial incentives to companies that establish certified employee safety & health committees. Similarly, West Virginia passed its “Qualified Loss Management” program. Across the nation, state governments are identifying the application of established safety principles in the workplace, and penalizing substandard safety practices and performance. The Safety Department, Inc.® can help you qualify for all such financial benefits available in the states where you operate.

Safety ManualWritten Safety Programs
OSHA mandates that certain of your safety procedures be committed to written plans. Exactly which safety procedures must be formalized into written safety programs can vary according to industry and the specifics of a company’s unique operating circumstances. Are you comfortable that you’ve covered ALL the regulatory “bases?” The Safety Dept., Inc. has    lengthy experience in customizing written programs to fit clients’ needs.

Safety Program ImplementationSafety Program Implementation
Perhaps you already have all the written programs required by law, but are experiencing difficulty in putting them into play. The Safety Department, Inc.® can give you just the level of guidance you need to optimize your company’s safety performance. We can provide ongoing support for those who do not employ a safety professional, or serve as a resource for those with existing in-house expertise.