The Safety Department, Inc.


Washington, DC – OSHA alerted approximately 13, 000 employers throughout the country that their injury rates are significantly higher than the national average.  He is encouraging them to take steps to address safety hazards in their workplaces. In a letter this month to those employers, OSHA explained that while their rates were higher than most other businesses in the country, the notification was simply a proactive step to encourage employers to take steps now to reduce the rates and improve safety and health for their employees.

OSHA identified establishments with the nation’s highest workplace injury and illness rates based on data reported by 80,000 employers surveyed by the agency last year. OSHA sent letters to all employers with high injury rates, and provided copies of their injury data, along with a list of the most frequently violated OSHA standard for their specific industry.

The 13,000 sites are listed alphabetically, by state, on OSHA’s website at: This list does not designate those earmarked for future inspection. The sites listed are those in states covered by federal OSHA; the list does not include employers in those states and U.S. territories that operate OSHA-approved state plans covering the private sector.

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