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Occupational Safety Consultants

When your operations are worth millions of dollars to you and your clients, you can’t afford to let safety issues slow down operations and take profits from the bottom line. Safety issues can result in regulatory fines, increased insurance costs, potential lawsuit expenses, lost time, the complete shutdown of a project, and even in injury or death. In extreme cases, certain safety violations can even result in criminal charges, if the offense is considered severe in the eyes of the law. Working with occupational safety consultants from The Safety Department will help ensure that profits are not lost to safety issues and that your workplace is a safe place for employees to work.

One of the most popular services offered by the occupational safety consultants at The Safety Department is our OSHA‑proofing service. With this service, you get an on‑site inspection of your worksite conducted by an expert safety professional with years of passing OSHA and other regulatory inspections. Under the guidance of our safety consultant, your business will bring itself up to a level to meet or exceed OSHA requirements. How can we be so sure that your business will pass OSHA inspections with our help? Because we measure your business against OSHA’s own stringent requirements. We make it our standard practice to stay up to date with all regulation which may affect OSHA inspections and pass our knowledge seamlessly onto you, our client. When you work with The Safety Department, you can be sure that all information you receive is the most accurate and up to date information available.

In fact, The Safety Department is a team of expert occupational safety consultants with a combined experience totaling several decades in the safety industry who can show your business, step by step, how to OSHA proof itself so that no time is ever lost to a failed safety inspection. If you’ve had to face OSHA in the past ‑ especially if they’ve shut down one of your projects ‑ then you know there is no reasoning or negotiating with an OSHA inspector. If your worksite displays enough violations, it will be shut down and no work will commence until the entire worksite is brought up to code. Plus, your business may be fined for OSHA cited safety violations, which eats away at profits.

Ultimately, no amount of consulting or auditing from occupational safety consultants will ensure that a business operates as safely as possible without the implementation of necessary safety procedures and practices at all levels of an organization. To assist with this, The Safety Department offers on‑site training in all essential worksite and construction safety topics. Training can be provided to large groups of employees at the same time to minimize the amount of time it takes to get your entire organization safety trained.

The Safety Department can consult with organizations of practically any size and conduct an audit of current safety procedures to identify any weaknesses which could put employees at risk or cost your business during a safety inspection. Our occupational safety consultants will travel to your place of business or worksite to conduct all consultations, audits, and training.

For more information on how we can help your business operate safer and pass OSHA inspections, get in touch with the occupational safety consultants of The Safety Department.

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