The Safety Department, Inc.

Entertainment Safety

The Safety Department, Inc. ® is currently the chief safety advisor for one of the largest entertainment corporations touring throughout the United States and around the world. We have years of safety experience with concert tours, stage shows, movie and television production from “load-in” to “load-out” at a wide variety of venues ranging from small concert halls to outdoor amphitheaters, large sports arenas and massive stadiums.

Is your touring company prepared to deal with OSHA regarding pyrotechnics, rigging, fall protection, protective equipment, safety training of employees and much, much more? Have you adequately planned for high winds and other inclement weather conditions in stage construction and rigging? Are you confident that your pyro safeguards are adequate for each venue? These are but a few of the considerations you must prepare for in advance. Other areas of concern are:

  • Credentialing system for cast, crew, extras and visitors.
  • Restricted access to backstage or other secure areas.
  • Restricted access and lockdown procedures when performing hazardous scenes or activities.
  • Staffing of qualified security personnel.
  • Security incident response procedures.
  • Adequate lighting including access & security points.
  • Crowd control and coordination with local law enforcement.
  • Review of location security plans with local law enforcement.
  • On-site first aid/medical services for cast, crew and extras.
  • On-site emergency medical response by EMTs.
  • Emergency medical transport.
  • Fire department response for firefighting including access to water supplies for firefighting purposes.
  • Emergency evacuation and/or sheltering-in-place for cast, crew and extras.
  • Review and approval of fire safety plans by fire marshal or local authority having jurisdiction.
  • Emergency communications for on-location personnel as well as with outside response agencies.