The Safety Department, Inc.

Entertainment Safety

Most people don’t realize how dangerous working in the entertainment industry can be. Let the entertainment safety consultants of The Safety Department train you and your staff so your entertainment venue is safe. Our consultants have years of experience in the safety industry and have worked with dozens of entertainment venues to ensure the safety of entertainment crews and audience members before, during, and after performances.

Our experienced entertainment safety consultants can work with your entertainment venue to ensure a convenient integration of best safety practices, procedures, and protocols. The Safety Department can work with you, on your schedule, to assess your current safety issues and offer advice and consultation on the best course of action to eliminate those problems. The ultimate goal of our safety consulting firm is to make your entertainment areas as safe as possible and as efficient and cost effective as possible. Entertainment venues are often the target of government safety and ordinance inspectors.  It is critically important that your entertainment areas meet prescribed safety standards and that your employees are trained in the aspects of safety.

The Safety Department has your entertainment crew covered. If you’re a professional in the entertainment industry and you simply cannot afford to lose time or cancel a venue because of a failed safety inspection, our entertainment safety consultants are powerful allies for your business to have on its side. In addition to our decades of collective experience in the field of safety, The Safety Department is proud to note that we currently serve one of the largest globally touring entertainment corporations as their Chief Safety Advisor. No matter whether your business is performing on stage or filming a scene for a movie or television show, The Safety Department can work cohesively with your team to ensure that all safety standards are met or exceeded from load‑in to load‑out. From small concert halls to large professional sport stadiums and practically everything in between, we have the experience you can count on for all matters relating to the safety of your crew and audiences.

We also offer on‑site entertainment safety training for regular members of your work crew. We can train entire teams at once to ensure as little interruption to your work as possible. Our safety training covers a variety of topics related to entertainment safety like fall protection, rigging requirements, and safe handling of pyrotechnics, to name a few.

The Safety Department, has built a reputation on its ability to OSHA‑proof worksites from construction zones to entertainment venues. We actually audit your venue against known OSHA regulations and local ordinances to ensure complete, 100% compliance. In addition to helping your venue meet or exceed regulatory standards, our consultants advise on a wide range of safety related matters that keep entertainment venues running in tip top shape ‑ including credentialing systems, restricted access control, lock down procedures, crowd control, coordination with local law enforcement, and incident response procedures for security, police, and fire personnel.

For more information on our entertainment safety consulting and training contact The Safety Department today.

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