The Safety Department, Inc.

About Us

The Safety Department, Inc. ® was established in November 1997 as a unique workplace/occupational safety consultancy. The Safety Department ® is staffed by highly experienced workplace SAFETY specialists, who have spent years in the real world working on-staff for corporations exclusively in safety, producing dramatic real world results. This experience stands in stark contrast to that of many other so-called “safety” consultants. Close examination of their credentials all too often reveals a deceptive trend: environmental specialists, medical personnel, insurance actuaries, salesmen, or unemployed entry-level safety technicians are masquerading as “safety experts.” By comparison, The Safety Department’s ® personnel have years of field safety work coupled with corporate-level experience inside Fortune 500 companies. Only The Safety Department, Inc. ® has demonstrated long-term results to the bottom line.


Sam Church
Managing Director

Melissa Lee
Senior Consultant / Director of Programs & Planning

Rick D’Andrea
Director – Risk Management

Bob Fagan
Transportation Safety Consultant

Randy Johnson
In Memoriam

Rob Lee
Chief Information Officer

Robert Johnson
Safety & Compliance Inspector

Marc Sandoval
Safety & Compliance Inspector

Russ Waller
Safety & Compliance Inspector